Queenstown Sewing Services & Alterations

At Nemo, our small team offers a direct personalised approach to your vision with our dressmaking, sewing services and alterations.

From concept through to completion, we will get to know you and your ideas, and incorporate them into the design.

Whatever the project, we will be on hand to offer advice and personal knowledge using our extensive industry experience.

Nemo accepts with pleasure all work from the smallest repair job to renovating an out of date piece. We go the extra mile to suit your needs.

At Nemo we love to:

  • Remodel & Upcycle – We are experts in visualising the optimal use of your loved piece.
  • Repair & Mend –  Those favourite jeans, rips, zips, jackets, shirts, holes, frays, buttons, jumpers, linings, hems – anything!
  • Alter – For both men and women. Whether it’s everyday wear, a wedding outfit, a suit or a weight-affected wardrobe; bring it in and we will see what we can do.
  • Create Bespoke – Pop in with your idea or bring in a picture.  We work the old fashioned way and make a toile in calico.

Contact us to find out how we can help – whether for a grand occasion or refreshing your day to day wardrobe.