Bridal Attire – To hire, to purchase or to have custom made? This is the question.

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Nemo Bridal & Couture situated in the popular resort of Queenstown where over 800 weddings are performed annually. We see a myriad of gowns and suits come in to our busy workroom for alterations or for careful preparation to look pristine for the big day.

Over the years, we have witnessed the uptake of online purchasing of wedding attire. Many of these come in to our workroom for our highly skilled seamstresses and stylists to make the purchase fit and or be restyled making good of the purchase. Many of these alterations end up the mitigating the cost effectiveness of the initial spend. Mostly a gown purchased from the Internet is from an image of a European design house that has been replicated in a Chinese based factory using inferior fabrics and construction methods. Thus resulting in you pay for what you get scenario and to be fair many of these, once tailored to fit the wearer correctly, look just fine in photographs, especially in the amazingly stunning locations we have in this area. These dresses generally aren’t the keep for posterity dresses that the bespoke custom made dresses invariably are.

So why have a gown made especially for you, and what is the process? Our bride engages in a process that we like to ensure is collaborative, fun and special.

A bridal gown is usually the most expensive dress purchase a woman makes, and so from our perspective we like to see that all the elements are of the best quality the budget allows and that the experience is comfortable in pace and consultation.

Every gown is toiled first, meaning that before we put scissors to expensive fabric we have fitted the style in a calico sample resulting in the fit being perfect for the body it is being made for. Subsequent fittings are to finalise detail placements etc. Generally, a bride needs no more than 3-4 fittings in total. These are all scheduled to accommodate the brides time management. The gown is then made in our workroom in Queenstown.

Many of our brides come to us with several images of reference to have incorporated, so in the initial consultation we discuss the features and the overall concept keeping in mind the theming, location and personalities. We aren’t afraid to suggest and advise from our experienced design eye.

To keep the integrity of the whole process real, we also offer an exclusive cleaning & packaging service that keeps the gown safe and available for future use.

Nemo has sustainability at the core of its ethos, and so has integrated a comprehensive range of hire gowns and suits in to the business. Queenstown and Wanaka have become key players in the global destination wedding market and so this range allows couples from anywhere in the world to arrive free of cumbersome travel attire. The uniqueness and quality of the gowns and suits result in beautiful imagery and a hassle-free wedding experience. We are very proactive in engaging in the circular economy in other areas of our business, this is growing in popularity for us where many couples are mindful of the resources and the impact the textile industry has on our precious planet.

Our specialised team is experienced and available to assist you in any choice you make around looking and feeling the best you can for your special ceremony. Contact us today.