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Stepping aside from the usual

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Customisation of a vintage dress When Sarah brought her dress to us we were instantly excited. The beading, the vintage lace and the challenge of modernising this vintage store find made our workroom very happy and up for taking this reinvention challenge. Sarah’s perceptive sister picked this dress for 50 Euros in a vintage store […]

Fast Fashion Slow Fashion

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How has the fast fashion industry impacted on you and I? From a personal perspective it has polluted and conglomerated an already bulging wardrobe. A few years back, the penny dropped; another large bag of clothing being eliminated from a seasonal cleanout that had no value in the second hand market and looked liked it […]

An Introduction: Your Local Clothing Specialists

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Welcome to our first blog – yes, late starters; but, better late than never! For our inaugural entry we thought we would like to talk about ourselves; not something any of us are comfortable with but necessary as an introduction to our team and as an insight as to where we come from and how we […]